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There’s no denying that homeowners are spending more on upgrading their homes and investing in projects like flooring installation than ever before. With people spending more time at home in recent years, along with the surge in popularity from home-improvement shows on HGTV and other networks, the home services industry is surging right now, and Footprints Floors Franchise Owners’ business is surging right along with it!

However, up until now, there has been one barrier for homeowners wishing to improve their investments with flooring installation and other home upgrades: lack of funding. We all want to have dream homes with spectacular floors – being able to comfortably afford a flooring installation project, on the other hand, can be another story altogether.

Our customers asked, and we listened! Footprints Floors is proud to introduce an all-new interest-free financing program through our partners at Synchrony Bank. Here’s an in-depth look at how it works, not to mention how it can benefit both our customers and our Franchise Owners.

What We Did

Our flooring installation Franchise Owners have mentioned that there’s a problem getting customers to commit because they just don’t have easy access to financing for their projects. 

As Bryan Park, our Founder, says, “We have two customers – Franchise Owners and end-users.”

So, the executive team at Footprints Floors listened and spent a lot of time coming up with a solution. 

“We spent 5 to 6 months working on the program,” Director of Operations Rachel Simpson said in a recent interview unveiling the new financing option. 

But that process is finally over, and thanks to an all-new partnership with Synchrony Bank, we now have an easy, affordable way to roll out flooring financing nationwide.

How It Works

Perhaps the best thing about this financing option for Footprints Floors flooring installation Franchise Owners is that there’s no risk to any of our nationwide flooring franchise locations. 

When customers want financing to replace or revitalize their floors, all your sales team needs to do is refer them to Synchrony Bank, and they can apply directly for Footprints Floors financing there. Approval is quick, meaning they can apply, be approved, and schedule their installation all-in-one appointment with their Footprints Floors representative. 

Synchrony Bank offers third-party financing and payment plans to a variety of retailers across a variety of industries throughout the United States. Eligible customers who meet the credit requirements can apply easily in minutes and receive a credit card that they can use to pay their chosen service providers (in this case, our flooring installation franchise locations) for their services. 

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a convenient way to help your potential customers to finance their new floors. 

There are several options available for financing too, but we believe the most suitable plan is the 12-month no-interest plan with low monthly payments.

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How It Helps Flooring Installation Customers

New floors can really transform a home. It can change the way a home looks and feels, and it’s often one of the biggest parts of renovating any home. 

However, no matter what kind of flooring your customer is interested in, there’s no denying that this is a big-ticket item. Customers can expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars for their new floors. 

Many people don’t want to take out a home equity loan to finance their flooring installation project, and they don’t have the necessary savings available for easy affordability. They also don’t want to use their available credit on high-interest credit cards, which will lead to sky-high minimum monthly payments for a year or more! By using the option to finance their flooring installation job with Synchrony Bank, customers have the ability to make 12 months of easy, interest-free payments without affecting their existing credit or borrowing against the equity in their home. 

It’s a quick, easy, convenient way to access financing specifically for flooring installation. So, they can get a high-quality floor sooner and with less hassle.

How It Helps Our Franchise Owners

One of the biggest hurdles our Footprints Floors Franchise Owners face when quoting customers is finding ways to remove the financing barriers they may face. Most people who get a quote for a new floor want to do the flooring installation work, but until now, figuring out how to pay for it has been a problem for some prospective customers. 

Now, our Franchise Owners can point their customers directly to our financing program with Synchrony Bank when they ask for payment terms. This makes it easy for customers to pay for their new floors and eliminates Franchise Owners’ risk. As soon as a customer’s credit application is approved, Synchrony Bank takes the responsibility of collecting the monthly installment payments from the customer, and the Franchise Owner is instantly paid in full by the bank for the entire amount of the flooring installation project.

As a Franchise Owner, you’ll have one more tool in your belt to help homeowners easily afford payment for their flooring installation or restoration project, giving you a greater ability to make the sale. The opportunity to install high-quality flooring easily and affordably will also be of great benefit to customers who would have previously had to put their home improvement goals on hold. We love it when everybody wins!

Our new partnership with Synchrony Bank is one more example of how franchising with Footprints Floors makes owning a flooring installation business simpler and more hassle-free than starting a flooring business independently. Thanks to our nationwide presence, we’ve managed to secure this partnership with a well-known and widely respected financing corporation, which goes a long way with establishing us as a trustworthy, reputable flooring installation company in the eyes of our customers.

By becoming a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors, you’re investing in a proven flooring installation business model whose name customers associate with credibility, outstanding customer service, and stellar results! Interested in learning more about starting a flooring business with Footprints Floors? Click here.

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