Footprints Floors Makes
Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 2022!

Our Flooring Franchise Ranks #259 on Franchise 500!

Footprints Floors has again been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Franchise 500 list for 2022! After ranking at 463 in 2021, our faith-based, Christian flooring franchise has moved up to 259, jumping over 200 spots in a single year. Needless to say, we’re pretty proud of the strides we have made since our inception in 2008!

What’s the Franchise 500?

Entrepreneur is the world’s biggest magazine meant for business owners in the United States of America and beyond. Its magazine is the leading publication for small business owners globally. Entrepreneur publishes two annual lists; the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 and the Entrepreneur 500, scoring business firms on various data points. The higher the score, the higher the firm on the annual list.

To make it onto the Franchise 500 list, Franchisors like Footprints Floors have to fill out and electronically sign an online questionnaire and submit their current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), a document that entails a company’s most up-to-date information on franchise fees, number of locations, required investments, and level of Franchise Owner support, among other key details. Additionally, a franchise company must consist of at least 10 locations, with at least one being situated in North America, in order to be considered for the Franchise 500 list.

How Our Flooring Franchise Earned a Coveted Spot on the Franchise 500

The 43rd annual Franchise 500 ranking celebrates the changes and challenges that have shaped the franchise industry over the last year. Out of 1,177 companies that submitted their FDD, Footprints Floors not only made the cut but surpassed nearly half of the other franchises on the list based on criteria including reliability, convenience, reputation, franchise cost, franchise support, and flexibility.

Unmatched Franchise Owner Support

Footprints Floors offers a flooring installation franchise with unmatched support to its Franchise Owners and customers. We have developed our industry-leading call center to support our Franchise Owners with growing their businesses and keeping their customers satisfied. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service sets us apart from other flooring companies, and we are proud to uphold our outstanding reputation for customer care even as we grow by leaps and bounds.

In addition to our unique call center that handles the heavy lifting of lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer service queries for our Franchise Owners, the Footprints Floors franchise business model is geared toward providing above-and-beyond training and corporate support to give Franchise Owners the tools they need to succeed. New Franchise Owners get over 120 hours of thorough training before venturing into the business, including our groundbreaking Footprints Floors University online training platform powered by NWFA (the National Wood Flooring Association). 

In addition to receiving comprehensive training and the opportunity to earn certifications from the country’s leading authority on wood flooring installation and restoration, our Franchise Owners receive ongoing marketing, operations, and field support from our Executive Team, along with peer support from our unique infrastructure that connects Franchise Owners with one another.

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Freedom & Flexibility

Unlike many independent business owners in the Home Services industry, Footprints Floors Franchise Owners do not work extensive hours. Most of them operate a 9-5 business life, providing them a healthy work-life balance

Our Franchise Owners come from all walks of life to escape hectic, grueling schedules and chart their own course for their next career move. In order to join our flooring franchise family, one does not necessarily need experience or background in flooring. All that is required is a growth-oriented mindset, passion for the community, strong leadership skills, and a friendly personality. Because of this, Franchise Owners with extensive corporate backgrounds and management experience tend to find success despite never working a single construction or home improvement job in their lives. By hiring subcontractor crews to handle the actual flooring installation work, no industry experience is necessary, which makes Footprints Floors an ideal investment opportunity for people with an extensive sales and management background who are looking to exit the corporate world and be their own boss!

Low Overheads and High Revenue Potential

All Footprints Floors Franchise Owners are home-based, meaning that there is no need for a physical office space or showroom to rent, no employees to hire, and no office equipment to buy. Franchise Owners work exclusively with subcontractors on a per-job basis, eliminating the need to worry about human resource costs or payroll. Many Footprints Floors Franchise Owners report that they’ve been able to recover their financial investments within the first 3-6 months of launching their business, thanks to the low overhead expenses and high potential for profitability that comes with owning a Footprints Floors franchise.

Benefits of Owning a Franchise 500 Company

Ranking in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 is a significant accomplishment to any business organization. Any company featured in the Franchise 500 list is highly regarded as an authority in the industry they serve. In addition to Footprints Floors, such heavy-hitters as KFC, Taco Bell, and the UPS Store have a place on the Franchise 500 (though we’ll admit, in a slightly higher position on the list!) The list is basically a who’s who of franchise companies that have achieved household-name status, and we’re proud to be in such good company. 

For Footprints Floors, being ranked on this esteemed list comes with significant benefits for our flooring Franchise Owners. As a Franchise 500 company, our brand has more visibility and recognition among customers, which allows us to uphold our stellar reputation for customer service and satisfaction. It also shows our prospective Franchise Owners that the members of our Executive Team practice what we preach, stay true to our core values, and deliver on our promises to help them build a successful flooring franchise business. After all, Entrepreneur doesn’t bestow this honor on just any franchise!

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What We Do

Founded in 2008, faith-based, Christian Franchise Footprints Floors is one of the fastest-growing Home Services franchises in the market today. The company’s rapid growth is due to its complete dedication to providing quality flooring choices at an affordable price and doing what is suitable for its customer’s tastes and preferences. It is all about great impressions and great floors. The company boasts more than ten years of growth and success with a unique franchise business model that its imitators and competitors have not adopted. It is a one-of-a-kind flooring installation and restoration company. It specializes in installing tile floors, carpets, laminates, backsplashes, and hardwood floors.

What Makes Footprints Floors Different?

Footprints Floors offers a lucrative flooring installation franchise opportunity to its partners. The company stands out from other floor franchises because Franchise Owners do not have to build or rent a showroom, do the actual flooring installation, or be full-time employed. They are also not limited to a specific set of brands when completing a task, translating to overhead that is considerably lower than that of its competitors. The absence of a showroom benefits Franchise Owners. There is no rent, build-out, or human resource costs making Footprints an efficient, simple, and cost-effective faith-based, Christian Franchise. This further translates to minimal costs and attractive margins. It also keeps the business scalable, mobile, and home-based.

Footprints Floors Franchise Owners work directly with homeowners seeking floor repair; they will travel to clients’ homes to quote and secure flooring work and then oversee and manage the job as they hire subcontractors to work on the flooring restoration and installation. Best of all, our Franchise Owners don’t even have to worry about generating new leads or scheduling appointments themselves- our industry-leading call center handles all of that, leaving you free to grow your business and enjoy your life!

To join our premier flooring installation franchise, an individual needs to be goal-oriented, self-motivated, business-savvy, growth-minded, and a people person. These qualities matter far more to us than previous experience in the flooring or construction industry – the Footprints Floors Executive Team will train you how to run a successful flooring franchise even if you’ve never laid a piece of flooring in your life! 

With territories selling out fast in major U.S. markets, now is the time to get in on the ground floor of this home-services franchise. For those who are ready to make a change and leave their corporate career behind for something that truly belongs to them, owning a Footprints Floors can be the ideal opportunity! 

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