Mandye Tovias Brings Footprints Floors Franchise to Melbourne, Florida!

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Here we grow again! Footprints Floors is adding Melbourne, Florida to our list of U.S. cities where we offer premier flooring installation services, and it’s all thanks to new Franchise Owner Mandye Tovias!

We never get tired of hearing what led our new Franchise Owners to the faith-based Footprints Floors business opportunity, and Mandye is certainly no exception. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mandye and her husband and hearing their franchise discovery story. Here’s what they had to say about what led them to invest in our flooring installation franchise.

Mandye’s Road to Entrepreneurship

With an impressive resume featuring experience in industries as diverse as biotech, banking, and entrepreneurship, Mandye’s career has given her a wealth of experience that can successfully be applied directly to franchise business ownership through Footprints Floors. Thanks to her previous business ownership experience, Mandye is ready to hit the ground running as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, operating as the face of the business while her husband continues in his current role as a Senior Operations Manager for a major OEM corporation. 

Mandye’s rich and expansive career background has allowed her to accumulate the knowledge and skills that are necessary to own and operate a Footprints Floors home services franchise, but what led her down the path to entrepreneurship in the first place? Surprisingly, the impetus for her new venture came from an acquaintance who wanted to break free from the rat race. “A coworker of mine was disillusioned with corporate life,” she says, noting that a change to self-employment made all the difference in her former colleague’s way of life. “He talked about the weight that was lifted off his shoulders,” Mandye recalls. This piqued her own interest to the point of reaching out to a franchise consultant to look into some potential opportunities. 

After mulling over the idea and conducting her own research, not to mention taking a look at our low financial investment and outstanding potential for profitability, Mandye discovered that Footprints Floors was the franchise brand she’d most like to work with as a business owner. After some deliberation, the couple agreed that Footprints Floors was the ideal franchise investment opportunity for them.

How Footprints Floors Ensures Success

When they chose to invest in our flooring installation franchise, Mandye was far from making an ill-informed choice. To her, Footprints Floors seemed to provide the best support for their business needs, especially as a start-up in Florida’s exciting Space Coast region, which is home to Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, and numerous beach communities along Florida’s east coast.

One of the leading benefits of associating with Footprints Floors was the assurance that Mandye’s business will never be left to fade into the background. She claims to be a natural skeptic, always cautious of buying into get-rich-quick schemes and over-promising. According to her, no such treatment was received from Footprints Floors.

“Everything was laid out for us in the disclosure documents,” Mandye recalls. She was also able to hear from others who have taken the same decision before them, which was incredibly reassuring. “The low overhead and upside potential appealed to us. The support from both corporate and other owners sealed the deal.”

Beyond this, the owner of Florida’s newest Footprints Floors faith-based franchise was assured of continuous exposure to customers in need of flooring services. When asked about the leading assurances of buying into the franchise brand, Mandye’s answer was direct and simple: “The heavy marketing focus. Not just branding, but aggressively pursuing leads.”

In the end, “the emphasis on the model and the results provided” were more than enough to win Mandye over. The couple also stated that they believe our strong partnerships with vendors and industry experts across the country will extend to the continued benefit of Mandye’s business.

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Why Go The Franchising Route?

Many entrepreneurs in the same position as Mandye Tovias will tell you one thing: there is a big difference between striking out on your own and starting an independent business from scratch and investing in a franchise. Even if you decide to rely on backing from investors to start your business, what these ventures rarely provide is a tried and tested formula for business success. Instead, once funding is given, they wait impatiently for your business to start bringing in a return on their investment.

Buying into any business sees you putting up your own money, to be sure, and this always comes with some level of risk, but the potential for success is far greater if you invest in a proven formula for success that comes with extensive corporate support with marketing, operations, and more. For this reason, investing in a franchise can carry a lot less risk than opening a business from scratch. Additionally, a franchise brand’s ability to provide Franchise Owners with solid guidelines on how to manage your business and, in many cases, a strong reputation to associate your business with, can help you establish a trusted brand that already has a strong positive association with customers in your community.

Building a Flooring Installation Franchise Legacy

Mandye personally states that she has no worries about the growth of her business as long as she puts in the hard work. She hopes to work with subcontractors who have the same values as she does. Later, as more employees are hired to help run the day-to-day operations, she hopes they will have the same mindset as well.

Mandye seeks to put in the hard work in the initial years of the business, then scale back over the years as employees and supervisors deal with much of the day-to-day activities.

When asked what they look forward to most, Mandye and her husband relayed their excitement to cater to the Melbourne community and its surrounding areas. According to them, working with the community and learning more about the people in it will be among the most fun aspects of starting Mandye’s business.

“We also want to dive deep into the flooring industry and build a network of friendships and professional contacts,” Mandye explains. “Lastly, we like the idea of growing a successful business to maybe someday pass on to our children.”

Welcome, Mandye, to our flooring installation franchise family We look forward to seeing you build a successful business in Florida’s Space Coast!

If you’re ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, why not invest in one of the top-ranking home improvement franchises in the world? We’re awarding territories across the U.S., but are selling out fast in major markets. Get started today on your Footprints Floors home improvement franchise journey by visiting our website here.

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