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Our Franchise Owners appreciate how Footprints Floors isn’t a typical flooring company. Yes, our mission is to connect homeowners with local contractors so their floors can be installed or restored by an experienced team of professionals, but we also take great pride in striving to make every single customer we encounter feel like they can turn to us for advice, support, and recommendations. New home improvement franchise owner Josh Trent describes faith-based Footprints Floors well: we’re a trusted, ever-expanding flooring company with a “people-first mentality.” 

It’s our great pleasure to welcome Josh to Footprints Floors. He’s our newest franchise owner — operating not one, but two franchises in Jacksonville, Florida. He learned about faith-based Footprints Floors from a franchise consultant; when his curiosity was piqued, he got in touch with us and participated in Discovery Day with our Founder, Bryan Park.

Discovery Day helped Josh learn more about our mission and our team. “I really enjoyed meeting the Founder and executive team in person because it eliminated the virtual barriers that exist within that medium,” Josh says. “Mannerisms and body language are huge when it comes to creating connections between humans, and having done this in person gave both sides the ability to really make some determinations on who the other was. What I liked most was the welcoming feeling I had the entire day. I wasn’t just a number that Footprints Floors was looking to help build their bottom line — I was a potential new family member.” 

His time spent with Bryan during Discovery Day was especially inspiring. Josh says he admires Bryan’s “ability to speak into the situation with knowledge and confidence. It is beyond apparent that he wants me to be successful long before it makes Footprints Floors more money. The systems that he has created and oversees have a customer-centric mindset about them that have withstood the test of time and will continue to do so.” 

Prior to opening his Footprints Floors franchises, Josh worked in a variety of different industries: mechanical contracting (specifically commercial HVAC); consumer wireless sales;  warehousing (procurement/management); facilities management; and software management. In his previous roles, he struggled with “not being able to make the final decision on certain items, such as but not limited to: employee management/discipline, corporate culture, and growth direction.” Now that he is very much a part of the Footprints Floors family, he makes a point to focus on customer relations because he recognizes how important it is to connect with customers and make them feel confident in their renovation-related decisions. 

Self-employment is one of the biggest advantages of franchising with Footprints Floors.

Owning two Footprints Floors franchises has also granted Josh a lot of flexibility in his schedule. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important to him in part because he’s a proud husband and father. Josh says, “The systematic franchise business model itself leans toward giving me the ability to satisfy not only this calling of mine, but also grants me more opportunity at home to be a better husband and father.” 

When he is working, Josh — like all of our other Franchise Owners throughout the country — can rely on the support system that is built into our franchise framework. Our call center employees do everything they can to help Franchise Owners. This includes scheduling appointments, handling lead generation, responding to queries, and sharing estimate reminders. “The most intriguing parts of the Footprints Floors franchise business model is the support of the executive staff, the support of the CSR staff, and the successful nationwide replication of what was originally done in Denver,” Josh says. He adds that our Corporate Support Staff and CSR Support Staff set Footprints Floors apart from other franchises within the home services industry.  

If you’re wondering how to start a flooring company and are interested in becoming a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, we invite you to visit our franchise website for more information. On this site, you can learn more about us, our franchise business model, and how you, too, can pursue a new career by making an investment and opening a franchise within an available territory. 

In addition to a flexible schedule and lots of internal support, Franchise Owners never need to have inventory on hand because customers source their own flooring. There are no showrooms to manage, which means there is no rent to pay, no human resource (HR) costs to consider, no inventory to track. This keeps our overhead low and our margins attractive. 

If you have any questions about our wood floor franchise, we’d be happy to supply you with as much information as we can. Please feel free to give us a call at 720-501-6730.   

Josh reiterates that he will be operating his franchises in Jacksonville, FL with the “people-first mentality” that Bryan Park instills in all his Franchise Owners. “Bryan’s viewpoint on other people — and life in general — really reflects this concept,” Josh says. “I, too, am a people-first person. I genuinely live to make people that I interact with better today than they were yesterday, and I believe that Footprints Floors gives me that opportunity day in and day out. I look forward to being yet another success story in the line of ones that exist with Footprints Floors already.”

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