“I always looked for a management position in my work but it could never be given.” How Investing in Our Flooring Franchise Opportunity Helped Alonso Gonzalez Achieve His Career Goals

It’s exciting to watch faith-based, Christian Franchise Footprints Floors grow. What’s even more incredible is witnessing the growth that our flooring franchise opportunity unlocks for other people.

Alonso Gonzalez is one of these people. He’s the proud new owner of a flooring franchise in Mesquite, Texas.

But until recently Alonso was trapped in a career that was going nowhere. Alonso’s story shows that sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands.

Alonso Gonzalez seizes flooring franchise opportunity in Mesquite, TX

Alonso’s Elusive Management Dream

Alonso says, “I’ve been in different industries like automotive, military, and recently aerospace, as an industrial engineer, planner, and buyer.”

Yes, he’s a hardworking guy. That’s the first thing to know about him. And yet, Alonso repeatedly found it difficult to rise through the ranks and break into management.

“One of my great challenges was to be able to rise to the professional level,” Alonso said. “I always looked for a management position in my work, but it could never be given. That’s what encouraged me to look for my own business.”

It’s hard to pin down a reason why Alonso kept hitting wall after wall. One reason could be that he’s a native Spanish speaker.

Whatever the reason, Alonso wasn’t going to leave his professional advancement in other people’s hands. He knew that business ownership was the path for him.

His first step there was finding a consultant who understood his experiences.


“The first time I heard of Footprints Floors was from a broker agency that helps Latinos find the best franchise based on skills and work experience,” Alonso said. “For me, it was the best option because they could help me with all the details in my native language, it was a unique experience and I think it was a success. The company is called Interlink.”

Alonso’s consultant understood the challenges of being a non-native English speaker. Things might be fine when you’re in the general workforce. But getting into higher management? That’s an instant strike against you.

Alonso wasn’t content to remain. He was looking for independence and continued growth.

“One of my preferences of being with Footprints is the ability to continue exercising my qualities as a professional. I have experience in sales and production which makes it easier to work and it is something that I like,” Alonso says.

This is one reason Alonso preferred a services business over buying into the restaurant industry. He wants a business that brings a certain type of lifestyle.

“To begin with, I have no experience in the food industry. You have to sell a lot of food to make a profit. It’s a long time away from family. Services are fewer sales, for greater profit,” Alonso says.

“For me, Footprints Floors is ideal because it aligns with the requirements that I always look to have my own business, time with the family gives the possibility of being more with them.”

A Different Kind of Flooring Franchise Opportunity

That’s right. Our flooring franchise opportunity gives Alonso more time to spend with his family. He’ll be able to work within business hours, on the days he chooses, and take regular holidays and time off.

But that’s quite unusual in the franchising industry.

MarketWatch reported that restaurant owners should expect to routinely clock 14-hour days. And another franchise reporter puts 60-hour work weeks as the norm.

So, how do we do it? It’s all in our flexible business model and outstanding Franchise Owner support system.

When people invest in our faith-based, Christian Franchise opportunity, they receive full back-end management from our corporate center. 

“Footprints Floors helps you get customers according to the marketing model and makes it easier to sell services, and very few franchises do that for you,” Alonso says. “That’s what I like the most. The management of the market and being able to manage my own time.” 

From lead generation to website marketing to customer support, we do most of the heavy lifting. This gets our Franchise Owners up and running quickly and builds a business that’s easy to maintain.

“The big difference is their business model, all the others asked you to invest in your own marketing, which in my opinion is an area that I have no experience with and was a risk for me. Footprints Floors gives you the support and that is very advantageous,” Alonso says.

New home services Franchise Owner Alonso Gonzalez

World-Class Franchise Support For Our Family of Entrepreneurs

Our industry-leading franchise model not only helps our family of Franchise Owners attain their entrepreneurial goals without having to sacrifice their home lives but also sets everyone in our system up for success and potential for impressive ROI. By taking care of most of the upper-level management and back-end operations, we maintain consistently high standards across all our flooring franchise territories. Simply put, what’s good for our Franchise Owners is good for Footprints Floors.

Our support begins with onboarding new Owners in the right way. We make sure they know exactly what our flooring franchise opportunity will do for their lives.

Alonso met our support team in person during his Discovery Day in Colorado. 

“I met most of the team and they all supported all my questions. They were all very kind. I really enjoyed that day,” Alonso says. “Everything was made very clear. Everything was answered without any problem. All my doubts were answered, the support provided by Footprints Floors is one of the best.”

Alonso’s experience culminated with a personal introduction to Footprints Founder, Bryan Park.

“The CEO himself gave us the tour and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met,” Alonso enthuses. “He has a very clear direction to where the company is going and that made my interest in the franchise greater.”

Heading Straight to the Top With Our Flooring Franchise Opportunity

This company is going to the top, and Alonso’s on board with us. He’s ready for a new work-life that rewards all the effort he puts in.

“I’m looking forwards to personal and professional growth, having a lot of sales, and managing my own time,” he says. “One of my main goals is to help Footprints be one of the best franchises and to be the number one company in the United States in flooring installation.”

But what’s most important to Alonso?

He says, “More time to enjoy my children and my wife. And being able to explore the world without having someone stop me.”

We’re proud that our faith-based, flooring franchise business opportunity opened the door to higher levels of fulfillment in Alonso’s life.

Are you tired of waiting for career breaks that never come? Or for other people to give you their permission to advance in life?

Our flooring franchise opportunity might be right for you.

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