Former Corporate Sales Rep Finds Family Time by Buying a Flooring Company for Sale

We’ve posted plenty of New Franchise Owner stories from franchise industry insiders, flooring experts, and fast-paced entrepreneurs on a mission to build a veritable flooring franchise empire.

But make no mistake about it, this flooring company for sale is the perfect choice for anyone looking for self-employment with a great family lifestyle.

Meet our latest Franchise Owner, Nick Valentino, from Medina, Ohio, whose Footprints Floors faith-based franchise has been serving the Greater Cleveland area for over a month!

Footprints Floors Nick Valentino Graduation

Nick’s Road to Franchise Ownership

Nick comes to us from a corporate career as a sales representative for a consumer brand.

A regional sales rep is a high-stress position. It’s actually one of the job positions with a consistently high burnout rate. There’s very little downtime, plenty of work responsibilities, and no one else to help shoulder some of the weight.

Nick spent years in the corporate arena, honing his business skills and finding success in his professional role. But eventually, it was time for him to get out and take his life back.

When considering your business opportunity options, a flooring company for sale might not be the most obvious choice. But luckily for Nick, a broker led him directly to us.

Why is that? Here’s a picture that shows it all…

Flooring Franchise Owner's Family's Feet

The little feet in this picture are the reason for me choosing Footprints Floors,” Nick says.

Nick’s time as a regional sales rep kept him always on-call and away from his family for extended periods of time.

“Ideally, I’ll be able to enjoy more beach vacations with my family because my past positions did not allow for much time, or gave me the feeling of having work-related obligations,” he says.

Industry brokers recognize our flooring franchise’s unique ability to provide our Franchise Owners with a flexible lifestyle while being a great financial investment. And they keep sending more clients our way.

Nick’s broker knew that he needed the relief that a home-operated flooring franchise would provide him.

With Footprints Floors, Nick can work out of his home and not have to worry about going into an office. And his homeowner design consultations and project oversight will fit around his family’s schedule, rather than the other way around.

Home Services Franchise Founder Bryan Park with Franchise Owner Nick Valentino

Building a Bright Future

Nick might have missed out on family time over the past few years, but as a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors, he now has plenty of time to make it up. He is also excited to build a business with the potential to become a family legacy.

“I look forward to now focusing my efforts that I would otherwise spend for a paycheck and redirect that time toward building the Footprints Flooring brand and working for myself,” he says, adding, “Time for myself for the footprints left behind me… sounds like a slogan!”

Nick’s efforts will pay off in dividends. And we don’t just mean financially. In his previous job, he had to slog away at the same revolving set of tasks, day after day.

Now, he’s working to set up a real business that will support his lifestyle. This flooring company for sale is a long-term asset, not just a new job. So, any efforts made to build the Footprints Floors brand are building up his own investment as well.

“I like the streamlined business plan and fairness with franchisees,” Nick says. “As a Franchise Owner, I feel that the training, expertise, and sheer knowledge of the business category equip me to sell the jobs in it.” 


The Right Support for Every Franchise Owner

We do everything we can to help our Franchise Owners thrive. Part of this means retaining standardization and consistency across all our Franchises by shouldering much of their administrative burden.

Our outstanding support system has put us on the map as a franchise that genuinely takes care of our Franchise Owners while also looking out for the brand’s best interests and staying true to our core values.

What we can’t handle for you on an everyday basis, we teach you to handle on your own. For example, one area that new Franchise Owners sometimes feel apprehensive about is handling subcontractors and crews.

“Understanding how to build the network of subcontractor crews was a bit intimidating but Chris [Curtis, Director of Franchise Support] reiterated the model and helped me gain the expertise that negates that worry,” Nick says.

After going through our process, Nick has some simple advice for anyone wondering if they can really handle our flooring company for sale: “follow the process and it will work… it’s proven.”

And what’s that process? It’s a singularly unique business model with a hybridized corporate-franchise operation system.

Our corporate call center oversees lead generation, marketing, and other programs designed to put you in touch with interested homeowners. Our representatives are also experts at taking incoming customer inquiries and scheduling work. This is stuff we’ve mastered and why Footprints Floors is thriving. We take the day-to-day headaches of marketing your business off your plate so you can concentrate on growing it!

So, our Franchise Owners focus on building up their local Footprints Floors business and taking care of the homeowners in their area. By utilizing subcontractor partnerships and our industry-leading call center, Footprints Floors Owners are able to give each customer the personal attention that independent flooring contractors simply can’t.

It’s a great system that lets everyone focus on what they do best. And it’s why our Franchise Owners enjoy such a wonderful work-life balance while getting fantastic business results.

Own YOUR Future With a Flooring Company for Sale

Nick Valentino is one of many success stories of Franchise Owners who found their ideal business opportunity by taking the first step and inquiring about a flooring company for sale. 

Are you intrigued by the prospect of owning a faith-based, Christian business in a BOOMING industry, yet still having more time for family than you do right now? Get in touch with us to begin your Franchise Discovery Process!

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