Home Improvement Trends to Watch Out for This Summer — And Why This Is the Busiest Time of Year for Franchise Owners

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Summertime is upon us, and our home services Franchise Owners are preparing for the busiest season of the year. At Footprints Floors, we look forward to helping customers with all their flooring installation needs. Every opportunity we have to install a beautiful floor is an opportunity to help our customers upgrade their space, and that’s a rewarding feeling indeed. 

Being part of the flooring industry means that we’re also proudly part of the home improvement industry. Customers hire our experienced and friendly flooring contractors to install floors in their homes, and no matter the material (wood, tile, and laminate, just to name a few) they select, the finished floor serves the entire room well and often makes way for other home improvements to be made.    

At Footprints Floors, we take pride in not only the stellar customer service experience we offer and the professional floor installations we provide, but also the knowledge/recommendations we are able to share. That’s why we make an effort to stay updated on the latest home improvement trends — especially flooring-related ones. 

Throughout our experience in the flooring industry, we’ve noticed that even though many people enjoy the look and feel of carpeting, hard surface materials continue to be consistent “trendsetters.” This seems to be on account of how easy wood, tile, laminate, and other hard surface materials are to care for and clean. Carpeting can feel nice on your feet, but it’s difficult to clean and tends to retain dust and other allergens. For these and other reasons, more and more homeowners lean toward hard surface materials.

In regards to specific flooring materials, there are always new options from which to choose. Homeowners are increasingly interested in going the environmentally friendly route by purchasing sustainable materials, such as tiles made from recycled glass; hardwood flooring made from recycled wood; and cork tiles made from the bark of the cork oak tree. 

Marble-look and concrete-look tiles also keep increasing in popularity due to how sophisticated and sleek these tiles appear — especially when installed in kitchens and bathrooms — and how durable and versatile they are known to be.

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We’d be remiss not to mention decorative floor tiles, which are typically made of porcelain. Decorative floor tiles are ideal for those who desire to give their room lots of personality. What we like about these is how you can “mix and match” in order to achieve the design you like best (think chevron and argyle patterns). 

No matter your style, we’re confident that you’ll find the designs and materials that best suit the room(s) you’re renovating. Keep in mind that our employees are always here — and more than happy — to help. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise so you can feel more confident in your home renovation decisions.  

Whether you are renovating a room or the entire house, we recommend commencing renovations in the summertime (if possible) for a few specific reasons. First, you can count on the weather to be sunny. This helps the crew stay on schedule. What’s more, if you’re getting your kitchen renovated, you can always plan ahead and make meals outside . . .  summer’s not only great for renovating, but also grilling!

Another reason why embarking on home renovations in the summertime is a good idea is because this is the time of year when people like to embark on vacations. If you can schedule your contractors to start — or, better yet, finish — the renovations while you’re away, you have the luxury of returning home and enjoying your new space. Having contractors work while you’re away is especially helpful if you have small children, who tend to shy away from loud noises and are not necessarily thrilled with visible disruptions to familiar spaces. 

We all know what comes after summer: fall and winter — two seasons that tend to keep us indoors and encourage us to invite people over for holidays and other festivities (football games, anyone?). A most ideal scenario would involve all your home renovations having been completed in the summertime, which would give you the chance to settle back in, relax, and enjoy all the new amenities and features. An added bonus? You’ll be fully prepared to play host for upcoming parties and holidays. How exciting it will be for you to show off all the upgrades that have been completed.  

Summertime is the busiest season for our Franchise Owners, but they’re ready and excited about all the inquires they’re bound to receive. If you’re interested in renovating your home this summer, the Franchise Owner nearest you would be happy to schedule a free in-home estimate. 

Also worth noting: some people reach out to us to inquire how to start a flooring company and how they can join our faith-based, Christian franchise. If you’re inclined to learn more about the franchising business opportunities at Footprints Floors, we invite you to visit footprintsfranchise.com.

For more information about Footprints Floors, please visit our website at footprintsfloors.com or call 303-550-0837. As always, thank you for turning to our faith-based and veteran-owned business for all your flooring installation needs.

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