Franchise Veteran Finds the Perfect Fit with Our Floor Franchise!

Footprints Floors is thriving. In fact, our floor franchise is growing so rapidly that we’re entirely sold out in several states!

Footprints Floors is an incredible opportunity to affordably invest in the home services industry boom. And entrepreneurs are racing to lock down their own profitable floor franchise territories in their home cities.

Scott Ogburn is one of these savvy entrepreneurs. He’s a seasoned investor who was on the hunt for his next business opportunity.

Scott found this opportunity in our flooring franchises.

He puts it this way: “The home services industry will never go away! And the flooring industry in particular needs professionalism. Enter Footprints Floors!”

Scott was recently awarded an exclusive Footprints Floors franchise territory in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We’re honored that Scott chose us and pleased to welcome him to the faith-based, Christian Franchise Footprints Floors family.


Footprints Floors makes it easy for hardworking, everyday people to become business owners. As a result, many of our Franchise Owners have no experience in manual labor or delivering home services. And our flooring franchise is often their primary introduction to business ownership. 

Others, like Scott, come to us with heaps of know-how. He’s handy, resourceful, and quite well-rounded.

“I’ve been involved in general construction my whole life,” he tells us. ”I love to be outdoors, to paint, to watch soccer, and play games with my friends and family. Any time spent with my family is the best!”

Scott’s what many would consider a natural-born entrepreneur.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” he says. “I don’t feel like I ‘wanted’ to. I have been compelled. Any experience I had working for others at their business was only a frustrating experience for me.”

Scott’s road to floor franchise ownership

Scott’s a pro at taking whatever he has and investing it toward a better future. This enterprising initiative began early for him, and with great payoffs.

“Construction enabled me to pay for college and two stints in grad school,” recalls Scott. “I earned a Master’s degree in teaching mathematics in 1992 and taught high school math for 5 years. I earned my second Master’s degree in 2002 and taught at a Bible school in Albania for 7 years.”

Around eight years ago, Scott took his business savvy further by acquiring his first franchise with a different corporation. This move proved successful for him. So successful that Scott recently decided to purchase another franchise.

Scott consulted with his franchise advisor and was introduced to the Footprints Floors opportunity. There was instant interest, particularly due to Scott’s construction background.

“I like the construction world, I like doing good work for customers, and I like developing good relationships with my subcontractors,” he explains. “The people of Footprints Floors are pretty amazing people, very others oriented.”

But Scott didn’t join us simply because he has an affinity for his type of work. He also understands that home services are always in demand.

Right now, the American home services industry is worth $500 billion and growing. In fact, on-demand online services are a rapidly exploding trend. That global market is expected to reach $4.1 trillion by 2027, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of over 45%.

That’s a highly attractive investment, especially in today’s climate. A carefully designed, well-structured, effectively managed home services franchise like Footprints Floors is a smart choice for just about any investor.

What made Scott choose to invest in Footprints Floors?

Scott’s quite discerning, so what made our faith-based, flooring franchise the one for him? He says it was the implications of our one-of-a-kind business model, proprietary systems, and ROI.

“The thing that initially drew me to Footprints was how money spent on advertising resulted in estimates being scheduled. That puts the ball in my court, that is, at that point, it is up to me to sell then execute a job. But knowing that I could get that chance (to sell and execute) by a pretty closely defined advertising budget, was very appealing to me. Also, in the same vein, the whole CSR structure. Fabulous. I also appreciated the three key numbers that I need to watch. I love that.”

Our business model is streamlined to perfection. Every part of the Footprints system is key to delivering results. We don’t provide total back-end support just to have something to brag about.

Our franchise system is a lever our Franchise Owners use to achieve the financial results they want and the ideal work-life balance they desire.

We don’t expect prospective Franchise Owners to just take our word for it. We lay everything out during our Franchise Education Process and Discovery Day.

Scott was able to experience several real-life calls for himself.

“The whole thing with ad dollars resulting in a calendar full of appointments… when I listened to all the recorded validation calls and it became clear that this aspect of the business was for real, I made up my mind right then and there to buy,” he tells us.

We aim to give potential investors everything they need to understand exactly what we’re about. And we don’t just hand out recorded calls, lectures, or information packets. The entire Footprints team is available for questions, including Founder Bryan Park

“The people of Footprints Floors are pretty amazing, very others-oriented,” Scott says about his experience. “They’re genuine, honestly interested in the well-being of others. It was good to be on a sales call, as well as the time we were given to ask any questions of Bryan.”

With all his questions answered, Scott’s ready to dig in. Thanks to his entrepreneurial background, he knows that building a successful business is not without determination and hard work, but that the payoff can be huge.

“It really is a lot of work, but completely worth it,” he says. “If you like people and want to be involved in something that can grow, then this is a fabulous opportunity. Make sure you have money to support yourself for a few months. But being able to pay yourself something in a few short months is completely possible.”

Starting a flooring business with Footprints Floors

Looking ahead to a bright future

We’re confident that Scott will see good returns on his floor franchise. Thanks to our healthy unit economics, many of our new Franchise Owners make their initial investment back within 3-6 months.*  

We make it easy for them to get started since they don’t need showrooms or employees. But Scott can take his flooring franchise as far as he wants to, and at the right speed for him.

“I look forward to building out my territories and getting the right people in the right positions to run a great company,” says Scott of his short-term goals for his floor franchise.

We know how important it is to have the right people on your team. When we asked Scott what he was most looking forward to, he revealed a conscientious and diligent mindset.

“Growing in my dedication to serving others, maintaining strict discipline in keeping down costs, doing great work and getting good reviews, and keeping my eye firmly on the three key business numbers Bryan talks about.”

Our franchising success is thanks to industrious Franchise Owners like Scott. Footprints Floors is thriving, because hardworking individuals like Scott can thrive with our company and attain their investment goals.

Footprints is doing so well, we even made it onto 2021’s Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list. This is a significant milestone for any franchising company.

And we’re looking forward to much more growth to come as Founder Bryan Park and the rest of our all-star corporate team keep developing this company to make it even better.

If you’d like to get on board with Footprints Floors, there’s still time to secure an exclusive floor franchise territory for yourself.

Just visit our franchise website for more information. You can request our Franchise Report for detailed revenue information.

*All investment and revenue numbers were obtained from our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document. 

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