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Footprints Floors Execs Talk Franchise Business Opportunities on Eye on Franchising Podcast

Lance Graulich, host of “Eye on Franchising,” recently welcomed Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park and Franchise Development Director Brian Knuth onto his podcast to discuss the flooring industry and the benefits of franchising — including how the business model at Footprints Floors allows Franchise Owners to market and sell their home improvement services with ease.

The podcast episode, titled How A One-of-a-Kind NO GIMMICK Franchise Framework Guarantees Business Success, opens with a conversation about how Bryan and Brian found their way into the home improvement industry, and how franchising has allowed Footprints Floors to expand. Individuals from across the country regularly contact us to express an interest in opening a faith-based, Christian Franchise — and why not? We offer Franchise Owners flexibility, support, and a proven framework that’s simplistic in its approach. 

At the beginning of the episode, Bryan explains how Footprints Floors has found success by doing things “a little bit differently.” He says, “Our systems that we have in place, the overall model . . .  it tweaks all of the old ways of doing things.” Some of the “tweaks” our Founder is referring to involve the decision to forego opening showrooms and storefronts as well as encouraging our customers to purchase their own materials. “It’s pretty much how like a general contractor runs his business,” Bryan says. “He’s not selling trim and windows. He tells you where to go buy it and then he puts it in. That’s pretty much what we do.”

We began our faith-based franchising operations in 2018 after Bryan recognized that it would be a worthwhile venture. In two and a half years, we have grown from four Franchise Owners to 80, and we’re in nearly 170 franchise territories across the United States, helping customers get the flooring they want at prices they appreciate.   

Those interested in opening a franchise find Footprints Floors appealing because of the simple and unique franchise business model we’ve established, which sets the Franchise Owner up for success within the market. Brian, who, in addition to serving as our Franchise Development Director, is also a Franchise Owner in Carmel, Indiana, describes our model as one that provides all the tools and infrastructure that Franchise Owners need to hit the ground running. “A lot of folks . . .  they look at this and go, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s more to it than this, right?’ No. That’s it.” 

Anyone interested in opening a franchise within an available territory can do so with an approximately $85,000 financial investment, Brian adds, but before any affirmative steps are taken, Franchisee candidates must go through what he describes as a “mutual discovery process.” As he explains in the podcast interview, the process involves the candidate getting to know Footprints Floors and vice-versa. “The objective is to really set a firm expectation of what they’re getting involved with, what it’s going to cost, what success looks like as we describe it,” Brian says. “Ultimately, we go through this mutual discovery process over the course of about four to six weeks and it’s at that point that candidates arrive at a good, confident decision. It’s either a yes, or it’s a ‘Hey, it’s a good business, I see it, but it’s not for me.’” Prospective Franchise Owners must determine if they can see themselves in this particular business landscape, non-negotiables and all. “Prospects should be open and honest with themselves,” Brian adds. 

A lot of folks . . . they look at this and go, “You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s more to it than this, right?” No. That’s it.

What do we look for in a Franchise Owner? Brian addresses that, too, saying that Franchisee candidates should demonstrate an ability to be socially engaged; to multi-task; to problem solve; to be decisive; to leverage their resources; and to communicate clearly. 

The perks of being a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner are also discussed during the podcast; Bryan shares with Lance the benefits of our marketing and technology departments. “This is really where we shine,” Bryan says, “and this is one of the huge advantages of joining a franchise model. We have an entire call center. We’re emailing and texting the customer within seconds of receiving this information. That’s the exact opposite of what’s common in this industry.” Our call center handles lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer service queries. The goal is to make Franchise Owners’ lives easier; by doing so, we help them focus on growing their business. 

As you’ll learn in the podcast, franchising was not in Bryan’s plan (or even on his radar) when he launched Footprints Floors, but now that it’s a major component of our success. We take pride in the model — and the culture — we’ve built and the opportunities we’ve given people from all backgrounds and walks of life. As Bryan says, it starts with a desire to want to help and serve others — and at faith-based Footprints Floors, we do just that.  

Both Brian and Bryan recognize that becoming a Franchise Owner at Footprints Floors is not for everybody — and that’s okay. But if it is for you, becoming a Franchise Owner has the potential to change your life for the better. If you’re interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities, we encourage you to visit our franchise website for more information. 

We’d like to thank Lance again for featuring us on his podcast. It was a pleasure, and we hope listeners enjoy learning about Footprints Floors and the franchise opportunities that exist as we continue to expand. 

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