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The home improvement and flooring industry have a lot of franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark and grow their careers. Many of the franchise opportunities out there are run with a semi-absentee business model option. Finding a quality semi-absentee franchise that allows you to grow your career and gain success in the industry can be difficult, but with franchises like Footprints Floors, you can build your success and also spread the brand’s success everywhere you go.

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What are the key elements of a semi-absentee franchise?

Semi-absentee means that you can run the business while being “absent.” To be clear, it’s not that you don’t ever have to put in the hours of work, but that you just put in less than you would if you were to run the business as a full-time obligation. With a semi-absentee franchise, you can have the franchise as a “side gig” in addition to your full-time job. You don’t even need another job to qualify or invest in a semi-absentee model. You simply may just want a steady income while you focus on personal obligations and goals.

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What are the benefits of semi-absentee business models?

We’ve touched on it a bit, but a key benefit of running a semi-absentee business is that you’re not having to put in full-time hours. Since semi-absentee franchises are low obligation, it really only requires about 10 to 15 hours a week on your part as the Franchise Owner. With this free time, you can focus on your other business obligations, your personal goals or spending time with friends and family. And what’s even better is that you don’t even need lots of experience to run certain franchises, because, with a semi-absentee business model, you can hire an on-site manager that will take care of the day-to-day. With this in mind, semi-absentees are incredibly beneficial for retired people.

Footprints Floors Is The Semi-Absentee Opportunity For You!

Footprints Floors is the perfect semi-absentee franchise for all aspiring home improvement entrepreneurs. The benefits of semi-absentees seen across the industry are simply multiplied when you invest in Footprints Floors. When you invest in our franchise, you’ll enjoy this and more:

1. Big Revenue And Low Investments

You don’t need a six-figure investment to get in on the fun of running a semi-absentee Footprints Floors business. Our franchise provides you with low investment rates and incredibly high return opportunities. Since our model allows for low overhead, the initial investment is affordable, starting at just $75,000!

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2. High Profit Opportunities

Footprints Floors provides an opportunity to generate great wealth. The potential for sales within Footprints Floors is very real. Just in 2020 alone, we saw an average gross sales of $808,547 with an average net profit of $217,394. Of course, this all depends on how much work you’re willing to put in, but even our semi-absentee Franchise Owners see incredible gains and live their lives more than comfortably.

3. More Time For You To Live Your Life

We can’t stress this enough: running your Footprints Floors franchise as a semi-absentee franchise will give you what running a solo business could never – time! You make your own schedule. You’re the boss. While you have to dedicate yourself to serving the customer here and there, you do it on your time — family comes first.

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4. Training

As a new Franchise Owner, you don’t have to worry about if you have the necessary skills to run the business or even know anything about flooring. Footprints Floors’ corporate team will set you up with the proper tools and training to get your business up and running. And with a semi-absentee business model, you can hire a team that knows what they’re doing while you kick your feet up.

You’ll Be Floored By What Semi-Absentee Can Mean For You!

Time, money and service are what running a business all come down to. Running a business all by yourself means putting in a lot of time, staking a lot of money and having to make sure that your services are top-quality so that you can win back some of that money. It’s a lot of sacrifices and hard work, but when you decide to franchise with Footprints Floors and run it as a semi-absentee, you’ll be amazed at how much less time and money you’ll have to spend. And your services won’t lose any of their quality.

Don’t wait on investing with Footprints Floors! Contact us today so that you can learn more about how our semi-absentee franchise can be your next career move.

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