He Spent 30 Years Traveling Up to 50 Weeks Per Year. See How Doug Engle Found a Better Quality of Life with Our Home Services Franchise!

There’s one less stressed-out road warrior and it’s all thanks to our faith-based, home services franchise!

Doug Engle is one of our latest to improve his quality of life with our Flooring Franchise. Doug locked down his exclusive home services territory in the Lancaster/Harrisburg/Reading, Pennsylvania area.

Like many others, Doug found us while searching for a better work-life balance. After 30 years spent traveling for work, he’d had enough of his frenetic schedule and went to a franchise consultant to discover his options.

New home services Franchise Owner Doug Engle
We took some time with Doug to chat about his transition to business ownership. Our conversation started off with what drew him to the home services industry.

For Doug, it was simple: “Quality of life, helping people, and unit economics.”

As for the Footprints business model itself? Doug says, “High-quality in-demand service, [an] owner-operator model with the ability to scale the business quickly, and exceptional unit economics” helped him make the leap to becoming a franchise investor with Footprints Floors.

Our home services franchise offers Owners the ability to set their own hours, take days off, and grow at their own pace. This had definite appeal for Doug after his hectic career in the automotive and senior care industries.

Owners of restaurant franchises don’t have the freedom to pick and choose which days they want to work. But these perks are built right into Footprints. (Thanks to our flexible operational system.)

And helping people?

Doug now gets to spend his time doing fun home renovation consulting. Many people like home décor and renovation, but most only get to experience it when watching television shows. 



home service Franchise Owner Doug Engle

Helping People + Making Money = The Perfect Career!

With his in-demand home services franchise, Doug is getting paid to enjoy this popular pastime. And he never has to get hands-on with the work – he leaves that up to the capable hands of master craftspeople on his subcontractor team.

“The value proposition for both the customer and business owner is exceptional,” Doug says. “It affords the opportunity to help people while providing the perfect balance of business opportunity with the coveted work-life balance we all seek.”

It all translates into an incredible owner experience. One that Doug was more than ready to make his reality. 

“A career change is intimidating but business is business. Managing is managing, and customer service is customer service,” Doug says. “I’m confident Footprints has the infrastructure and support to help me overcome any concerns on the technical side of the business.”

Taking a Deep-Dive Into Our Home Services Franchise

Doug got a thorough look at our infrastructure and support throughout his Franchise Discovery Process. But he really got to know this for himself during his personal Discovery Day.

It’s one thing to have all the financials in front of you, but business ownership is a lifestyle. You need to know that both the system and the people are right for you. And you should understand what leadership team you’ll be signing on with.

Doug had some definite concerns that he needed Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park to address.

“I went to Discovery Day with the primary objective of gaining confidence in the management/support team, which I did,” he says. “My biggest concern was the long term. I was concerned that the typical franchise endeavors to grow ASAP and sell out to private equity.”  

These concerns were alleviated when Doug got to speak to Bryan for himself. “Bryan’s shared that his vision is to not only not sell to private equity, but perhaps build by adding other related brands under the same umbrella.”


Total Transparency From Day One

Not all franchises offer this level of access to the Founder and leadership team. Footprints is designed to capture the best of our home services franchise’s growth potential while keeping leadership close to the ground.

“Bryan is the prototypical Franchisor. Hands-on, engaged and committed to Owners’ success.  A rarity among today’s franchise systems,” Doug said. “His experience, hands-on, commitment to the brand, and ability to attract an above-average support team.”

In addition to having his questions answered, Doug was able to personally experience what it’s like to own one of our home services franchise territories.

“A bonus was the opportunity to shadow sales calls and field visits.  And providing ample opportunity to speak to other Franchise Owners, most of whom were in the same boat as I. That served to give me a firsthand opportunity to see exactly what the job entails,” Doug says.  “That commitment to full transparency and an “eyes wide open” approach is a testimony to Bryan’s commitment to finding the right owners and not just selling franchises.”

This transparency helped fully prepare Doug for the road ahead. And speaking with other new Owners gave him a sense of any areas where he might need a bit more effort.  

“Finding crews appears to be universally the biggest concern among new Owners.  That is true in every position I’ve had previously, and I excelled at that aspect of the business,” Doug said. “I believe every industry has the same issue; I also believe that the ‘good’ companies/managers do not have that problem.”

Looking Ahead to a Balanced, Successful Career

Doug’s optimistic, rational, and ready to put his energy into his new home services franchise. He’s also looking forward to having his life back.

“I spent 30 years traveling 40-50 weeks a year.  Not traveling will be a huge quality of life improvement for me,” Doug says. “I look forward to achieving my goals while maintaining a personal life.  And collaborating with other Christian Franchise Owners committed to building the brand.”

“As a bonus at some point, I look forward to building a business that affords me the opportunity to work at my own schedule.  What I’ll do with that opportunity is still unknown.”

With our scalable faith-based, home services franchise, Doug’s moving into a time of growth and freedom.

And he has more than just a great system going for him. Doug has our leadership, owner support team, and Franchise Owner network to lean on.

He can build the business he wants, work the hours he wants, and maintain his personal life.

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