ANOTHER Franchise Industry Insider Invests in Our Flooring Franchise! Meet Nathan Yarusso

Another Franchise Insiders couple invests in flooring franchise

Once again, a franchise consultant has gotten so excited about our flooring franchise concept that he’s decided to go ahead and own one himself!

Nathan Yarusso recently became a Franchise Owner of Footprints Floors after years of introducing his franchise consultant clients to our industry-leading flooring franchise model. How did this Navy veteran and franchise industry expert decide to take the leap into franchise ownership with faith-based Footprints Floors Franchise? Read on to find out more.

The Need for Speed!

Prior to getting started in the franchise industry, Nathan spent a fulfilling career in the U.S. Navy, spending 20 years as a jet pilot in aircraft carriers and a helicopter pilot. In a recent interview with Denver-based franchise development agency Raintree, Nathan mentioned that he retired from the Navy 10 years ago and worked as an airplane pilot in a private company. Following that, he served as a pilot in an airline that flies government contracts overseas, essentially in high-risk areas.

In a recent interview with 1851 Franchise, Nathan had mentioned that as a child, he loved everything that moved. Whether it was a bicycle or a skateboard, everything that could move fascinated him and piqued his interest. 

That’s how he initially became interested in the idea of flying jets. Throughout his life, he was always away from home and his family, inevitably on special occasions and during holidays too.

In 2021, he started looking for a different career path that would allow him to stay at home, and that’s when he joined Franchise Brokers Association as a franchise broker. That was the beginning of Nathan’s journey towards Footprints Floors.

What Do Franchise Consultants Look For in a Flooring Franchise?

Nathan first learned about Footprints Floors as a franchise consultant, as the company consistently came up as a great option for his clients. After recommending Footprints Floors as a sound franchise investment with a groundbreaking model to multiple clients, Nathan realized the high-growth potential of the company, especially since the brand has grown exponentially and had a lot of successful Franchise Owners in just the past few years.

With all of this in mind, Nathan and his wife Sarah decided to embark on the Franchise Discovery Process with Footprints Floors, becoming the fourth franchise consultant to join our flooring installation company as a Franchise Owner, and the first Franchise Owner to launch a Footprints Floors territory in Washington, the 33rd state we’ve entered since 2018!

In fact, the company’s expansion to over 30 states in just a short span of three years is one of the reasons Nathan became interested in the prospect of becoming a Franchise Owner in the first place. After seeing the company’s high growth potential and suggesting it as a lucrative investment opportunity to many clients, Nathan decided to take the plunge himself too.

Another Franchise Insiders couple invests in flooring franchise

What Drew Nathan Yarusso to Our Flooring Franchise?

In one of his interviews, Nathan described franchising to be a better option than starting your own business because building a business from scratch is a solitary process. You’re on your own, and a lot of trial-and-error comes into play.

But when you become a Franchise Owner, most of the mistakes startups commonly make ”have been ironed out,” as he puts it. Since there’s a readily available process for everything, including marketing, lead generation, and search engine optimization (SEO), you don’t have to start from scratch.

Having worked as a franchise broker himself, Nathan knew that his chances of success were much higher with a franchise since he would already be years ahead of an entrepreneur who had just begun to build a brand. When searching for franchises, he looked at handyman and home improvement type companies mainly because those are the kind of services he believed his community needed.

Footprints Floors Faith-Based, Christian Franchise came as a natural option to him for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Personal Preference: Nathan believes that wood is a stunning attribute for any home. It also has a sense of nostalgia to it since he and his father would bond over building furniture and doing home improvement tasks together. The idea of bringing the same accented beauty to other people’s homes excited him. Since Footprints Floors is known for providing quality flooring that adds value to people’s homes, Nathan knew it was the one.
  • Service-Based: Being a franchise broker, Nathan learned that service-based franchises have a higher chance of succeeding. That’s why he wanted to opt for a service-offering company.
  • Sustainability: Another important component of a successful business is the ongoing need for its product or service. Nathan believes that as long as there are homes, there will be a need for flooring service. The housing industry also has a large customer base, which ultimately ensures a constant influx of clients.
  • Family-Like Culture: After meeting with Bryan Park, the Founder of Footprints Floors, Nathan realized that the owners’ and top executives’ active involvement in the company’s operation is one of the reasons behind its success. He was immediately drawn to the family-like culture since it was something ”unlike any other brand” he had come across. All in all, the combination of the executive finesse with the sustainability of the service provided by Footprints Floors Faith-Based Christian Franchise is what made Nathan believe that this is a company that’s certainly going to do well.

A Peek Into the Future

When asked what excited him the most about being a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, Nathan said that he dreams of having a thriving business helping people beautify their homes. After seeing that Bryan Park was personally dedicated to making the company a success, Nathan felt quite reassured.

The assurance coupled with the company’s high-growth potential made him believe that Footprints Floors is something he wants to be a part of in the long run. He looks forward to working with clients who share his vision of using beautiful flooring to improve the aesthetic appeal of a home.

Moreover, he is ecstatic about the idea of having more control over his schedule. Previously, he had to work overseas, which meant being away from home for long periods. But now, he can spend time with his family.

Thanks to the freedom and flexibility that our unique franchise business model gives our Franchise Owners, many of them are able to continue in their “day job” while still owning their Footprints Floors faith-based business. In addition to owning his flooring installation franchise, Nathan intends to keep working in the franchise consulting industry, and plans to bring potential Franchise Owners into Footprints Floors and learn from his experience as a Franchise Owner to become a better franchise consultant.

As for us, we’re extremely excited to see what Nathan brings to the table with his unique franchising expertise and insight. At Footprints Floors, we offer a robust and comprehensive support system to our Franchise Owners, giving them access to flexible working hours, low entry costs, and a fully-staffed call center to handle lead generation, appointment scheduling, and more. Since these are exactly the things Nathan wanted from his new business investment, we can’t wait to see him find success and fulfillment!

Now’s the time to get in on the ground floor- visit our franchise website to learn more about the Footprints Floors opportunity!

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