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Adnan Alhaider: A Story of a Relentless Franchise Owner

You can’t talk about the flooring installation Franchise without mentioning Adnan Alhaider. After working as a business manager at an engineering firm for eight years, Adnan decided to start his own company: Footprints Floors of Metro Detroit. Several factors motivated him to become an entrepreneur, including the desire to have more work-life balance, an opportunity to control his schedule, hire his own employees, and enjoy other benefits that come along with being a business owner.

Where It All Began

Alhaider’s journey began in 2019. By this time, he had only one goal: “to own a business or start his own business.” Although he was new to the flooring sector, Alhaider was ready to take the risk and give it a trial.

He spent about six months meeting with representatives from Footprints Floors corporate team. He later traveled to Denver, CO to discover more about the company and the opportunities available to him. 

Two weeks after his discovery tour to Denver, he signed a contract. He launched his own franchise a month later, and the journey formally began. 

Why Did Alhaider Choose a Flooring Installation Franchise?

As Alhaider states, he just stumbled into the Footprint Floors. In other words, it was more of a mere coincidence. However, after six months of brand education, he was convinced that buying into a franchise system was a great opportunity.

As he thought of starting his own business, there were numerous options, and narrowing down was more like finding a needle in the haystack. There were so many brands out there, and deciding which sector to venture into was a little bit tricky. 

Alhaider says that the family-like qualities and brand’s transparency set faith-based Footprints Floors apart from other franchise business opportunities. When he met the owner and the corporate team, he developed a sense of trust. More importantly, his decision was informed by solid market research. 

The Journey

As Alhaider notes, “I wasn’t familiar with the flooring industry.” Thus, purchasing Footprints Floors of Metro Detroit was more of taking a significant risk. But entrepreneurship is about taking risks, isn’t it?

Initially, the flooring business was not his passion. In fact, he notes that his passion led him to explore opportunities in the restaurant industry. However, he feels that venturing into a flooring installation Franchise was a prudent decision. And indeed, it was, as evident in the company’s success 17 months later.

Alhaider wasn’t a miracle worker. He just mastered the art of being a successful entrepreneur. As he states, “our franchise business model is a little unique.” While the competitors focus on buying products and selling them to customers for a little profit, Footprints Floors of Metro Detroit focuses on being installers rather than suppliers.

As Alhaider further highlights, customers always look for professionalism when they outsource flooring services. People were scared and had horror stories about the entire concept of Footprint Floors. However, Footprints Floors of Metro Detroit came and made customers feel that someone cared for them.

In other words, the firm aims to make money while reducing the customers’ overhead costs. When customers get installation services directly, it saves them a lot of logistics, labor, and materials. It offers highly competitive pricing and one-of-a-kind service with integrity. You can visit our Franchise website for more information.


Success Factors

“So, the vision was to go big,” Alhaider notes. He started by buying only two franchise territories but later acquired two more. Currently, he has built an empire in the flooring installation sector. Also, his faith-based, Christian Franchise frequents the top 10.

So, what are Alhaider’s success factors? First, Footprints Floors’ corporate team was willing to connect him with other Franchise Owners. He contacted these experienced players privately, enabling him to get essential insights into running a successful flooring installation firm.

The warm first impression and support from the corporate staff made him feel comfortable that he had made the right decision. Also, talking to someone with extensive experience in the sector gave him confidence that he would make it. 

Within a very short time, Alhaider’s business has grown rapidly. Besides doubling the territories, Alhaider has added employees. As a focused employee, he is committed to maintaining hard work, integrity, and great customer care.

Unlike most businesses, Alhaider has a unique approach to doing business. While competitors focus on profits, he strives to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Currently, he is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a consultant, trainer, and supervisor of local flooring projects. 

“We are not only there to be in an out, make a couple of bucks and leave,” Alhaider states in an interview at Business Radio X. He knows that someone’s home is their sacred place. Thus, his company always shows it cares and respects customers’ homes.

Lessons Entrepreneurs Learn from Adnan Alhaider

From Alhaider’s entrepreneurial journey, it is clear that starting a new business has risks and rewards. However, you can’t enjoy the rewards if you don’t overcome the hurdles. You can rise above common challenges startups face and build a successful business empire. All you need is focus, dedication, hard work, and a customer-oriented approach.

Risks and uncertainties shouldn’t scare entrepreneurs away. Alhaider was new to the flooring installation franchise, but this didn’t stop him from succeeding. 

From Alhaider’s story, it’s also apparent that mentoring is crucial when starting a new business. A mentor can share your worries, give direction, and provide essential support if you get stuck on the way.

The Bottom Line

Alhaider’s entrepreneurial journey clearly indicates that hard work and dedication pay off. There is no limitation to what you can achieve. With the right mindset and support system, you can venture into any sector and succeed.

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