The Top Opportunity in Home Improvement

The Top Opportunity in Home Improvement

Accounting for nearly $400 billion, home improvement is a varied and stable industry. Those looking for a career that brings profit, independence and a future security should be well aware of what home improvement has to offer. Don’t worry if you don’t have a background in construction – with home improvement franchises, this opportunity is open to anyone.

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The Home Improvement Industry – a Closer Look


$394 billion in 2018, with a growth of 5.5% in 2019.

Projection of $422 billion for 2022.

Top demanded services include decoration, repair and renovations.

American homes are old – on average, most homes were built 35+ years ago, with some areas having particularly older homes. This means demand for renovations is expected to remain high.

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Flooring – a Great Opportunity

What does every single home have, no matter its style or age? Floors! Flooring is essential to all homes, for both structural and aesthetics reasons. Starting a flooring business is a great way to take advantage of the home improvement industry as it is a high demand service. Many homeowners look to update outdated flooring, repair damaged floors or reinstall to fit a new style. The best way to get started? By partnering with an established flooring franchise, like Footprints Floors.

Why Footprints Floors?

More Than a Decade of Experience

Footprints Floors was founded in 2008 and since then has grown into a successful franchise. Founder Bryan Park spent many years developing a business plan that included.

Outstanding Economics

Most Owners of Footprints Floors Home Improvement Franchises have been able to find success with our flooring model – according to our most recent FDD, our system wide average gross sales were $969,724 while highest earning territories reported $1,191,087.


Low Start-Up Costs

While many other flooring or home improvement businesses require a lot of capital upfront, Footprints Floors unique model keeps start-up costs low. Most flooring companies have inventory and showrooms and require their customers to purchase material as well as installation labor. At Footprints, we did away with the inventory and showrooms, effectively lowering costs for our Franchise Owners and giving customers more freedom in their material choice.

Unbeatable Support

While a support program is commonplace in the franchise world, Footprints Floors makes an unbeatable offer. As a Franchise Owner, you’ll receive assistance in everything from customer service to marketing. Our corporate team takes care of lead generation, customer calls and appointment scheduling so that our owners can focus on what’s important.

Get Started Today With Home Improvement Franchises

If you’re interested in the home improvement industry, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s also considered somewhat recession resilient. While there is no such thing as a recession proof franchise, Footprints Floors comes pretty close. People live in homes and homes will always need renovation. As Footprints Floors offers incredible service at low prices, homeowners are quick to choose us.

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