Top Reasons We Are One of the Best Flooring Franchises

Top Reasons We Are One of the Best Flooring Franchises

Are you comparing the best flooring franchises in the industry?

Here is a list of reasons that Footprints Floors comes out on top:
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Industry Low Investment On Starting Flooring Installation Business

Many competitors require their franchise owners to provide customers with flooring materials. This means that you’ll be paying upfront for inventory, storage, and showroom costs. Not only are these costs substantial, but this type of model can drive away business. When you force your customers to choose from your selection of materials, they may choose to go with a different company that offers their preferred flooring material. Footprints Floors has eliminated the need for these materials and costs, making our initial investment an industry low of $68,130 and $95,580.

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Customer Call Center

One of the least favorite things of many business owners is having to handle customer concerns. That’s why Footprints Floors has a Customer Call Center. Our highly trained customer service representatives are available around the clock to handle all incoming customer calls. They will resolve any issues so you can stay focused on the more important aspects of starting a flooring installation business.

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No Experience Necessary When Starting A Flooring Business

Unlike other service franchises that require background knowledge or previous experience, Footprints Floors franchise owners do not need any service industry experience. As long as you’ve got business savvy skills, we will teach you everything else you need to know about running a successful floor refinishing franchise.

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Easy Schedule

What does an average week look like as a Footprints Floors franchise owner? Monday and Tuesday are typically spent communicating with customers over contract fees and scheduling. Wednesday and Thursday, you can spend some time overseeing the projects that your subcontractors will be taking care of. On Friday, you’ll collect any pending payments. The weekend is totally yours!

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Lead Generation

Footprints Floors’ straightforward business model has lead generation built right into it. You don’t ever need to worry about finding any customers – our corporate support team will bring all the customers to you!

“There is so much business to be had. And with the provided marketing support, the sky’s the limit. It’s a really exciting place to be right now!”

Aaron Benedict
Footprints Floors Franchise Owner

Finding Success With A Floor Refinishing Franchise

Success is made simple with our floor refinishing franchise. Between lead generation and customer service, our corporate team takes care of most of the hard work. There’s no wonder that success comes so easy to our franchise owners when they have all the tools they need! Our corporate support team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns. With additional support in marketing and finance management, you’ll feel like you have the backing of an entire corporate office.

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There is no doubt when it comes to the best flooring franchises – Footprints Floors is leading the industry. Our system wide average gross sales bring in $969,724 annually while the top earning locations earn more than $1.2 million annually. If you’re as excited about our flooring franchise as we are, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to see if you’re a good fit for the best flooring franchises.

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