A Positive Outlook for Home Improvement Franchises

A Positive Outlook for Home Improvement Franchises

The home improvement boom of the past few years is expected to level out in the next year. However, a positive outlook remains for home improvement franchises into 2020 and beyond. While Home Depot has lost sales due to a decrease in DIY projects, essential renovations (including flooring, foundation repairs, and HVAC systems) should remain unaffected. The average age of most American homes is 36 years, with other areas having homes that are substantially older. Renovation projects are still expected to remain steady to maintain older homes as predictions for sales of new homes are stagnant.

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"There is so much business to be had. And with the provided marketing support, the sky’s the limit. It’s a really exciting place to be right now!”

Aaron Benedict
Footprints Flooring Franchise Owner

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Those investing in home improvement franchises like Footprints Floors will benefit from a steady demand of flooring projects. The affordable pricing of Footprints Floors services appeals to a wide consumer base and should allow Franchise Owners to stay ahead of the competition. Flooring remains an essential component to all homes, old and new. Homeowners that invest in flooring will also need to maintain it throughout the years, leading to additional revenue for Franchise Owners in refinishing and repair projects. While economic predictions are never too certain, the resilience of flooring makes our flooring franchise a great investment opportunity.

A Step Above the Rest

In the past decade, our home improvement franchises have worked hard to differentiate in the flooring industry. To remain a step above the rest, we developed a unique Footprints Floors business model. We provide our customers a positive experience by focusing on these core values:
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As the leader among home improvement franchises, we are always looking for ways to make our customers’ experience better. By offering free estimates, Footprints Floors is able to easily gain the trust of clients. As a Franchise Owner, your main job will be meeting with clients, conducting estimates, and scheduling projects. The subcontractors will take care of the hard work!

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By eliminating showroom and inventory costs for Franchise Owners, we are able to offer customers more affordable pricing than the industry average. We like to call this a win-win.

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Unlike other flooring franchise competitors that force customers to choose from one brand, Footprints Floors has no restrictions. Customers have limitless options in flooring material as they can purchase from any provider of their choice. 

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Flooring is our product, and customer care is our service. We offer an extra level of care, ensuring our customers have a positive experience. This has helped us build a strong reputation. Franchise Owners will benefit from word-of-mouth marketing and our 5 stars online reviews. 

Our attention to detail has allowed us to remain relevant in the home improvement franchises industry. In business since 2008, Footprints Floors has grown to 8 solid locations. We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs to join our team. Franchise Owners do not need previous flooring experience. All that is needed to take advantage of these lucrative home improvement franchises is management skills and a strong work ethic. Contact us today to learn more.

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