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How Much Does it Cost to Own a Flooring Franchise?

The home services industry is an economic powerhouse, and while estimates of its total economic impact vary, it is estimated to to be anywhere from a $400 billion to $800 billion a year industry. As a sub segment of the home improvement industry, the flooring industry has seen steady growth since 2010 with an average growth of 4.5% over the past five years. Currently the floor installation industry alone accounts for around $26 billion a year in revenue. With a strong and growing market, you may be wondering about the cost associated with flooring franchise opportunities?

Low Overhead

Footprints Floors has one of the most cost effective franchise concepts on the market. Unlike many other flooring companies, we have no expensive showrooms to maintain and no inventory to stock. With our home business model we eliminate expensive real estate costs while putting our focus on doing what we do best, great customer service, great installations.

Our Franchise Owners meet with clients in their homes to provide free estimates, while also providing the best possible service experience for our customers. We install and refinish floors; that is all we do, which is why we do it best. By focusing on our strengths, we have built a proven business model that lowers initial investment costs and ongoing overhead while increasing profitability.

Flooring Franchise Opportunities

Low Start Up Costs

The flooring industry is thriving and unlike many other franchises out there the initial investment for starting your own flooring franchise is quite low. In an industry with proven profitability and growth you can get started with your own Footprints Floors for as little as $62,500.

One of the things that allows our Franchise Owners to get started at such a low initial investment is that we have no expensive showrooms to build out, no real estate to finance, and no inventory to stock. When you compare the cost of getting started with Footprints Floors with other flooring franchises for sale in the market, you can see the amazing value in our franchise model.  

Minimum cash:
Footprints Floors  $45,000
N-Hance Wood Refinishing $50,000
Floor Coverings International $150,000

Total Investment:
Footprints Floors  $62,500 – $85,550
N-Hance Wood Refinishing $24,300 – $147,262
Floor Coverings International $153,900 – $222,400

Sales To Investment Ratio

When it comes to the cost of owning your own franchise, it is important to consider the sales to investment ratio. Because the initial investment to get started with a Footprints Floors is so much lower than other floor franchises in the industry, we would argue that we offer the best return on investment in the business. But you don’t have to take our word for it, we have the numbers to prove it.

The average investment for a new Footprints Floors Franchise Owner is around $50K. The average sales generated is almost $580,000 which makes our sales-to-investment ratio 783%! Our Franchise Owners typically see their investment recouped within just 3 to 6 months.

Growing Market

In a multibillion dollar industry, there is huge opportunity for new flooring franchises to thrive. The market has plenty of room for new business to carve out their own corner of the market. In fact, even when you combine the top 50 flooring businesses, they barely account for 10% of the market share.With no national competitors and a fragmented landscape, Footprints Floors Franchise Owners have built thriving business across the country.

With low start up costs, great return on investment, and a thriving market there, has never been a better time to get started with your own flooring franchise. Fill out the form below to find out more about building your own successful business with Footprints Floors.

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