A Multi-Unit Opportunity in Home Improvement Franchises

A Multi-Unit Opportunity in Home Improvement Franchises

While many investors are satisfied with a single franchise unit, experienced entrepreneurs often seek multi-unit opportunities that allow them to double or triple their earnings. While some industries are better suited to multi-unit models than others, what really makes the difference is scalability. Franchises with low startup costs and simpler business models are perfect for multi-unit operations.

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Industry Profile

With revenue projections of $465.5 billion by 2022, the Home Improvement Industry represents a massive opportunity. This economic powerhouse covers various subsectors, from construction to renovations, and it has shown impressive growth rates throughout the years. 


Current housing market factors and favorable demographic changes are proving beneficial for the home improvement industry in the coming years. Homeowners are looking to renovate rather than relocate, which is great for home improvement franchises like Footprints Floors. Flooring is a main focus of renovation projects as it can dramatically change the look of a room and offers homeowners a return on investment as it increases the value of their home. 

Benefits of Multi-Unit Operations


Increased Revenue

The most obvious benefit of multi-unit ownership is increased revenue. Each location acts as a robust stream of revenue for Franchise Owners, keeping your business operations flowing smoothly.


Shared Marketing

A key to successful franchising is the strength of the brand. Footprints Floors is recognized as a quality provider of flooring services thanks to our exceptional customer service and strong marketing program. As a multi-unit owner, you’ll greatly benefit from both our brand recognition and our marketing team that will help you develop a strong advertisement plan to target the communities your locations reside in. 


Reduced Costs

As a multi-unit owner, your fixed costs will be shared over various locations allowing you to lower your cost per unit. As the investment into single Footprints Floor home improvement franchises is an industry average low of $68,130 and $95,580, you can expect minimal operating costs. 

Easier Access to Financing

On average, multi-unit business owners have better luck receiving financing than single-unit operators. 

Competitive Advantage

Operating a multi-unit business allows you monopoly-like success in your area. Combine the power of multiple locations with the support of a strong franchise and you’ve got the recipe for success. With the simple, scalable business model of Footprints Floors, you’ll have no difficulty breaking into the profitable home improvement industry.

Build Your Empire Today with Home Improvement Franchises

Whether you’re looking to operate multiple units or want to just break the ground with one, Footprints Floors represents profitable home improvement franchises opportunity. As you delve more into our business model and support program, you’ll see how we stand out. Always striving to be a step above the rest, Footprints Floors promises exceptional service to both our Franchise Owners and clients. Ready to start building your empire? Contact us today to learn more about single or multi unit investment opportunities.

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