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What is a Footprints Floors Franchise?

How can you generate $747,401* with a flooring franchise without installing a single piece of flooring yourself?

Footprints Floors is a home-based, inventory-free flooring franchise with a dedicated call center and support model. This allows Owners to really focus on the service aspect of the business instead of back-breaking labor and tedious scheduling tasks.

Good service = good reputation = increased earnings

($741,401 annual revenue on average)!*

We renovate and install beautiful floors. But it’s the way we enable our Franchise Owners to generate outstanding revenue that really shines!

Imagine This Life

Sick of earning money for someone else? Make a better life for yourself.
  • An experienced support team gives you the POWER to run a successful business
  • A fantastic business model gives you back CONTROL of your financial future
  • An outstanding revenue stream gives you FREEDOM to do more of what you love
  • A life you love gives you the ENERGY to put more back into your business

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Why Should You Own a Footprints Floors Right Now?

Outstanding Revenue:
In 2019, our system-wide average sales were $747,401 with our highest earning territory at $1,191,087!*

No Employees & No Showroom:
No rent, no construction, and no HR costs make our overhead extremely low and margins very attractive.

Low Initial Investment:
Lower overhead allows for an affordable average investment range between $75,000 - $95,580.

Control and predictability:
Schedules are made according to your availability, so you can create the work-life balance you’ve always wanted.

Built-in lead support:
A dedicated call center handles ALL your scheduling and helps drive new lead generation. We help you get new customers, manage your existing ones, help run your social media, create ads and websites specific to your territory.

Rapid growth, limited territory:
Footprints Floors is growing really quickly — the unique business model has led expansion into over 15 states with 100 territories. Now is the time to start the process, before the area you live in is sold out!

“Now that I am an Owner of Footprints Floors, one of the things that I love most is that I get to work with my husband, more time with the family, and being able to own a business and take ownership and pride behind that.”  

– Franchise Owner Kate Grudeman

Watch Kate’s video and find out what she was doing before Footprints Floors and why she decided to finally make the leap to Franchise Ownership!

Why Flooring and Why Now?

The home improvement industry is red-hot! With demand exceeding new construction, a lot of houses being bought are older homes in need of renovation!

How Our Model Brings in Great Revenue

Flooring Industry Veteran: Bryan Park

Founder and CEO Bryan Park got his start in the flooring industry over 15 years ago: He started sanding floors, moved on to sales, moved up to general manager, and eventually was out on his own, launching Footprints Floors in 2008. He set out to disrupt an industry that he felt was underperforming and under-serving the customer. 

Bryan didn’t want to invest a huge amount of money. The model was set up so that someone interested in owning a franchise could start out with as little as $75,000. 

He knew to be sustainable, the business model had to be lean. This meant no showroom, no employees, no HR costs and no inventory. This is how he was able to keep overhead low and offer an affordable initial investment. 

He had a big family with big dreams of a big home. He needed serious income to do this. With the model, Footprints Floors saw average gross sales of $747,401 in 2019, with the highest performing territory coming in at $1.2 million!* 

Watch the video to hear Bryan’s story in his own words and find out why he developed this franchise model. 

Want the Freedom of Your Own Business With None of the Headaches?

We want you to focus on growing your business, not get caught up in the stressful day-to-day tasks that can consume independent small business owners. 

Our support system is THE BEST in the business: 

    • WE help get you new customers
    • WE handle your marketing 
    • WE answer all your phone calls
    • WE provide all the training and support you need

“For me the key about being a part of Footprints is the support we get that Bryan’s been able to assemble from the back office to the people that answer the phones, it’s such a good thing for me to be able to look at my schedule, and that someone is helping me create that.”  

– Franchise Owner Dan Satchel

Are You an Ideal Franchise Owner?

You’re business-savvy (but maybe not experienced with the home improvement industry)

Training and support will go a long way, and you won’t be installing flooring yourself. But, you need to be passionate about business operations, guiding crews to achieve beautiful results and working hard to make the customer satisfied.


You don’t love conventional desk jobs (but love working with people)

Don’t like being stuck behind a desk? Every day is different and you’ll be out in the field a lot, meeting customers and working with the subcontractors. Footprints Floors is a service-based business, not an impersonal big-box store. You have to know what it takes to truly serve the customer.


You’re devout about giving back to the community (and your family)

Building goodwill in the community is part of building a strong brand reputation. Treat your community well and they’ll do the same for you!


You love motivating people (and seeing a finished job well-done)

Anyone who says flooring installation isn’t sexy has clearly never seen a newly installed, finished hardwood floor. Renovations can be extremely dramatic, and helping to motivate people to reach that end result is super rewarding!


You want to grow, grow, grow (and earn the money that goes with it)

We help you grow, and you help Footprints Floors grow. If the idea of smashing your own revenue and profit margin records year after year excites you, this is the right place!

Dan worked for a Fortune 200 company and was a financial advisor before owning his own Footprints Floors

Before opening a Footprints Floors, Kate was a high school teacher with a very strict schedule

Floyd worked for Verizon for 23 years, getting experience as a technician and moving up to management before making the move to his own franchise

Before leaving the corporate world for more independence, Kevin worked in the baking world for 17 years

Scott was a franchise owner for eight years; he believed so much in Footprints Floors’ model and marketing support that he opened six territories

Before Footprints Floors, Alfonso was a senior executive for 20 years for several global companies.

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You can start a Footprints Floors starting at $75,000

Per our Franchise Disclosure Document, our system-wide average sales for 2019 was $747,701

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