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For An Investment Of $78,505, Our Faith-Based, Flooring Franchise Could Be The Perfect Fit For You, Your Family, And Your Future 


Dear Future Footprints Family Member,

Are you ready to go into business for yourself? To make a positive difference in the lives of people in your community? To become your own boss and transform your life professionally, personally, and financially? We have the solution for YOU!


At Footprints Floors, we’re not your typical flooring business. We’re an innovative company using a unique franchise business model to stay ahead of the competition within the flooring industry. As a result, we are humbled by the recognition of the Franchise Community with numerous Awards and Achievements (See the awards below!)


You may be asking, how have we achieved this?


We’re a flooring installation company and DO NOT operate as a flooring supply sales company. Our Franchise Owners meet with customers, figure out an estimate, and then leave it to the customer to source their flooring supplies from whomever they please.

Because of this low-cost business model, Franchise Owners are home-based and don’t need to spend tons of money for a storefront location. They can use those saved dollars to put back into their flooring business, grow it, scale it, and make it as successful as possible.

Second, and our most significant competitive advantage for those in our Great Nation seeking a career or investment change, we care. You may think, ‘Bryan, every Franchise Concept I have researched says this..!’


…The difference is, and it’s a simple difference, we genuinely do. We follow the teachings of Christ and put them into action with every interaction with our Franchise Family. More importantly, we put these teachings into practice when we interact with our clients, their families, neighbors, and our wider communities.


Finally to address the question our Franchise Team is asked every day. Worried about not having experience in the flooring industry?

Please, worry not! The Footprints corporate team will be with you every step of the way, helping you with any problems that arise. We’ll handle most of the marketing, help you find new customers, and operate a call center that fields all customer service questions.


We have seen enormous success across the nation in the ten years we have been Franchising. With over 170 Territories sold, I implore you not to delay. Make the leap; we are here to catch you!



God Bless,
Bryan Park, CEO and Founder of Footprints Floors

Learn the Secret To Our Home Improvement Industry Success (and how we achieved success following the path of Faith and Service!)


5 Reasons to Our and Your Success!

Low Overhead Expenses

Enjoy low margins because you don’t need employees, a showroom, or inventory, to pay rent or human resource (HR) costs. Just hard work and faith!

We Work For You!

Don’t stress about getting new clients; we do that for you using online construction portals, managing Google Ads, and growing social media platforms!

National Partnerships

Our national partnerships with Angie’s List, Floor & Decor, and others give you instant credibility within your local community!

Your Time is Valuable

Our national partnerships with Angie’s List, Floor & Decor, and others give you instant credibility within your local community!

A Reputation Above

Check out our high ratings within the home improvement industry on Yelp, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and more.

This free report reveals the most influential trade secrets experienced franchise owners use to ensure they invest only in highly successful brands. Get for FREE what we will soon be charging a $4,500 fee per consultation.

Learn the Secret To Our Home Improvement Industry Success (and how we achieved success following the path of Faith and Service!)




Our faith and belief in ourselves have paid off. Over the years, we’ve been recognized as one of the best flooring franchise.

Awards and Recognition


Beyond installing hardwood, tile, and laminate floors or completing a big restoration job, we rescue customers in the community looking to improve their forever home at an affordable price.
Starting a flooring business with Footprints is easy with the many services we offer, including restoration.


We help customers with beautiful, affordable hardwood floor restorations to meet the growing need for renovating older homes.
Investing in a Footprints Floors means providing amazing hardwood flooring services.


We help our customers with the design, installation, and stain selection, with an added level of service and care that has not existed in the flooring franchise industry.
Footprints Floors owners provide professional tile laying services.


We can install tile or natural stone almost anywhere our customers want it — floors, walls, bathrooms, and more!
Entrepreneurs looking to start a flooring business can't go wrong with Footprints Floors.


For customers who want the resplendent look of hardwood flooring at a value price, Footprints Floors offers high-quality installation of laminate flooring.
Flootprints Floors owners provide specialize and professional vinyl services for their clients.


Vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular as the quality of the technology behind it improves. Kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms prone to getting water on the floor are always candidates for vinyl flooring installations.

Learn the Secret To Our Home Improvement Industry Success (and how we achieved success following the path of Faith and Service!)



Footprints Floors is a proud veteran owned business!

We are truly grateful for the sacrifice our servicemen and women make for our country.

As proud Americans and Followers in Christ we offer Veteran Franchisee Candidates a 10% Discount on their Franchise Fee.

Our Franchise Owners also offer veteran discounts to their communities. We also donate a percentage of our revenue to Non-Profit Faith Based Organizations benefiting families and children in need!


Our time-tested approach of providing a dedicated service that’s on time, respectful, and professional is what sets us apart from the competition

Our Leader’s Story

Founder and CEO Bryan Park is a proud United States Air Force veteran who served our  country with honor and dignity. After leaving active service, he started as an installer and sander on the ground level of a flooring company. He quickly moved up in the company and was eventually promoted to general manager. But then, 2008 happened, and Bryan was swept up in a round of layoffs.

Using his deep knowledge of the industry, strong determination, and deep faith, Bryan founded Footprints Floors a month after losing his job. Despite having $40,000 in credit card debt and a growing family, he turned his flooring business into a successful operation, serving his community with an affordable flooring option and operating multiple, simultaneous jobs months later with more in the pipeline.

With the continued support of his loving family, dedicated staff, and ongoing deep belief in faith, Bryan has expanded  Footprints Floors from a local business to a national  flooring franchise  in over 20 states. He loves nothing more than to help Footprints Franchise Owners grow and succeed in their flooring business endeavors.

The rest, they say, is history.

Veteran Owned Franchise


Our Communities Feedback

We’re different from other flooring companies because we are guided by our faith, family, and strong values to be honorable and truthful.
We CARE! We care about our customer’s journey from start to finish. We care about giving our Franchise Owners all the support they need.

Hear from our happy customers:

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Learn the Secret To Our Home Improvement Industry Success (and how we achieved success following the path of Faith and Service!)