A Smarter Alternative to Buying a Flooring Company for Sale

A Smarter Alternative to Buying a Flooring Company for Sale

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re probably looking for career opportunities that lend more independence than the typical corporate or hourly wage job. Starting a flooring business is obviously the ultimate goal but, unfortunately, starting a business from scratch can be tricky. Without the right business plan or enough funding up front, there is a large chance your business could fail. In fact, more than half of new businesses fail. Fortunately, there are ways around the possible risks and start up headaches of business Ownership. You could either buy a business that is already for sale or invest into a franchise.

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Maybe you’ve thought about starting a flooring business before. The home improvement industry is booming and flooring projects are one of the most requested renovation projects by homeowners. Perhaps you were disheartened by the investment cost of some flooring franchises and sought different opportunities. Buying a pre-existing flooring company for sale is certainly an option. Often times, business Owners will put their business up for sale for a variety of reasons – health, change of career path, early retirement. Or, more often, because their business is failing. Typically if a business is doing well, it won’t end up for sale. If you are still considering buying a flooring company for sale, think again. Don’t waste your investment on a failed business plan. Instead, partner with a successful flooring franchise like Footprints Floors.

There are a number of reasons why our Franchise Owners love their Footprints Floors franchise and why you might like to own one too:

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Successful Franchise Concept

Footprints Floors has a proven track record of 10 years of growth and success with a genuinely unique franchise model that has no national competitors or imitators.

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Outstanding Economics

Per our audited Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), most Franchise Owners have hit $500K or more in year two, with Franchise Owners moving on to reach over $1 million in revenue in year four.

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Low Cost of Entry

Franchise Owners average investment is around $68,130 and $95,580. With the average Franchise Owner generating sales of almost $970,000+, we proudly boast that our highest performing territories hit over $1.2 million!

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Freedom & Flexibility

Our flooring franchise opportunities afford our Franchise Owners both the freedom and flexibility to build a stable and prosperous business while enjoying a flexible schedule for their families.

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Strong Partnership & Support Model

Our call center answers all incoming calls, sets customer appointments, helps manage the Franchise Owners schedule, and directs inquiries to appropriate Franchise Owners based on territory Ownership.

Starting a Flooring Business with Footprints Floors

When you invest in a successful franchise like Footprints Floors, you get the chance at business Ownership without having to deal with any of the startup issues. We’ve already figured out how to run a successful flooring business so you don’t have to. We’ve got it down so well, in fact, that we currently have 8 successful locations up and running. If you’d like the chance to join our flooring franchise team, you’ll be excited to hear that the required investment is an industry low. Unlike other flooring franchises that charge nearly half a million dollars to start, you can join the Footprints Floors for a mere investment of $68,130 and $95,580. On average, our locations earn $969,724 in gross sales, with the highest earning territories bringing in over $1.2 million! All of this success can be yours to share when you join our flooring franchise!

*Request for our most recent FDD to get more details on sales, revenue, investment, etc.

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Footprints Floors is a one-of-a-kind residential flooring installation and restoration business. We install hardwood floors, carpet, tile floors, back splashes, and laminates. Our business model has been proven and verified by over a decade of industry-leading unit economics. Our success comes from one key business objective; to offer outstanding customer service in an industry where it is often lacking.

Don’t Waste Your Time With a Flooring Company for Sale

Your time is important.

Don’t waste it searching for failing flooring companies for sale. The two smartest ways to enter the world of business are to start a business from scratch or to invest into a franchise. Investing into a franchise brings a guarantee of success and security that you just don’t have when you start your own venture. At Footprints Floors, we are looking for business savvy individuals who are passionate about growth and excited to be part of a growing team. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our flooring franchise, reach out to us today to learn more about your guarantee of success.

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