Best Flooring Franchises: Floor Coverings International Franchise VS Footprints Floors Franchise

Best Flooring Franchises: Floor Coverings International Franchise VS Footprints Floors Franchise

Available Home Improvement Franchises

As a well researched entrepreneur, you’ve probably come across the favorable numbers of the home improvement industry. A $380 billion economic powerhouse, the home improvement industry represents a large variety of opportunities for potential franchise owners. More specifically, the flooring industry accounts for $65 billion annually and represents one of the most coveted services of home improvement. When it comes to the best flooring franchises, there are two well known options: Footprints Floors Franchise and Floor Coverings International Franchise.

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starting a flooring business
starting a flooring business
starting a flooring business

What is Floor Coverings International Franchise?

Floor Coverings International has home improvement franchises that bring customers unique flooring designs through the help of a personal design assistant. The design assistant works with customer to pick flooring materials, textures, and colors that work best for their vision and fit their budget. The selection is limited, however, as all floor covering international franchise customers must choose from the products offered by the company. Footprints Floors, on the other hand, is a flooring franchise that offers customers the utmost freedom in flooring design. Unlike the Floor Coverings International Franchise, Footprints Floors franchise does not hold an inventory or a showroom – meaning that customers can choose their preferred materials from any distributor of their choice and franchise owners save big bucks in start up costs.

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Floor Coverings International Franchise

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Flooring Franchise?

If you are interested in opening a Floor Coverings International Franchise, you’re looking at some pretty expensive start up costs, ranging from $154,200 – $222,700. As the business grows, additional costs are required to pay employees and manage and stock showrooms.

The Footprints Floors Franchise, on the other hand, has eliminated the need for various employees, showrooms, and inventory in order to reduce costs for franchise owners.

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To get started as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, you’ll only need to put down

$68,130 and $95,580

and you won’t need to anticipate any future inventory costs.

The Footprints Floors simple business model also eliminates the need for employees – most Franchise Owners can run all their business management out of their own home office while trusty crews of subcontractors handle the actual flooring projects.

This simple business model reduces costs, increases earnings, and offers freedom to both Franchise Owners and customers of the Footprints Floors Franchise.

starting a flooring business
starting a flooring business

Which Offers the Best Flooring Franchises With the Most Flexibility?


Besides costs and service quality, one of the most important things to look for in a franchise opportunity is owner flexibility. Flooring Franchises owned by a large corporation, like Floor Coverings International, offer little in the way of freedom or flexibility. The Footprints Floors Franchise, on the other hand, is a smaller scale franchise that embraces the small business attitude. Footprints Floors is a family, and all Franchise Owners will receive endless support from the corporate team while having the freedom to run their business as they see fit.

Don’t be disappointed at the poor opportunity offered by Floor Coverings International Franchise.

As a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, you have the opportunity to make an average gross sales of $969,724 annually.

Contact Footprints Floors today to learn more about this exciting home improvement franchises opportunity.

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