Why Footprints Floors?

The extensive support we provide, our simple franchise concept, and our revenue potential help you build a business you love while giving you the flexibility to live a life you love!
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Why is Our Franchise Opportunity Better?

Starting a new business is exciting, but every business comes with a set of worries. What’s holding you back from getting started right now?
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You want to generate wealth and not just income?

The potential for sales is very real. In 2020, Average Gross Sales were $808,547 with an Average Net Profit of $217,394.*

Want big revenue but don’t have six figures to invest right now?

Since our model allows for low overhead, the initial investment is affordable, starting at just $75K!

Worried about the hectic calendar management a typical business owner has to do?

A dedicated call center answers all your calls, so you focus on growing your business, making relationships with customers and motivating your crews.

Not sure where to start looking for new customers?

Right away, our call center will help you get new customers, manage your jobs and answer customer questions while you’re out on jobs.

Worried that running a business won’t leave you any “me” time?

You make your own schedule. You’re the boss. While you have to dedicate yourself to serving the customer, you do it on your time — family comes first.

Worried about how to get the word out about your new business?

Fast national growth means that more people are seeing Footprints Floors around and you’ll have great brand recognition right away — in addition to marketing support and help with lead generation.

Why Should You Own a
Footprints Floors Right Now?

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We do things so differently from Lowe’s, Home Depot and our other competitors; we stand alone in convenience, cost, reputation and flexibility. Unique model = unique opportunities.

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No wasted money on materials storage, showrooms or non-essential employees = 20% lower cost (on average) for the customer.

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Our customers can purchase their flooring materials anywhere. More control over the cost and style = happier customers.

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Our partnership with subcontractors enables us to offer free estimates at convenient times (and we now offer contact-free, COVID-safe estimates). More estimates = more jobs.

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For over 10 years, our commitment to service and consistency = the trust and loyalty of our customers.


We can offer services that most companies can’t. The number of homes bought currently outpaces the number of homes being built = a surge in demand for creative renovation ideas.

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Partnerships with Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Floor & Decor and the National Wood Floors Association (NWFA) = instant credibility for our Franchise Owners.

Customer Reviews

The customer is the focus of any business, but we take it to a new level! The reason we get word-of-mouth recommendations, tons of repeat business and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is our absolute dedication to serving the customer.

Franchise Owner Reviews

Our Owners come to us from a wide array of backgrounds and varying levels of experience with business and the home improvement industry. But something they all have in common is a desire for a better life!


Franchise Owner

“Now that I am an Owner of Footprints Floors, one of the things that I love most is that I get to work with my husband, more time with the family, and being able to own a business and take ownership and pride behind that.”


Franchise Owner

“I’ve been able to make more money than I ever did in any of the previous years being an individual flooring business owner for 13 years. When you’re using subcontractors, looking at your job costs and profits is a lot more clear-cut.”


Franchise Owner

“There’s so much more fulfillment in what I do now because I am in complete control of my day, my income, and in complete control of running my own business.”


Franchise Owner

“[Footprints Floors] is very different from banking or finance culture. It’s very family-oriented, and I’m a big family guy!”


Franchise Owner

“I picked Footprints Floors because of the culture. They are 100% in the people business…They create a relationship between you and the customers.”


Franchise Owner

“Footprints Floors has all the key elements I seek: work-life balance, working with people, low overhead, a system already set up for me to focus on sales alone and I have the option to make as much as I desire.”

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