We Support Owners and Help Them Thrive

Footprints Floors gives you all of the benefits of entrepreneurship, with virtually none of the normal headaches of starting an independent flooring business. 
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How It All Works

How is it possible that you can own a flooring business, but not have to: install floors yourself, answer customer calls, manage calendars and scheduling, or constantly stress about generating new leads?

Learn about our system below:

How We Help

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We Handle Your Marketing

You’ll be involved in the marketing process for your business, but we are here to support you and get you started. You’ll have everything you need to get started on day one! 

  • Website and SEO
  • Social xrelationship management
  • Reputation/brand management
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Direct mail campaigns and materials 
  • Generating new leads from multiple lead sources

We Provide a Call Center For You

Here are some things you’ll never have to worry about as a Franchise Owner: 

  • Answering ANY incoming calls
  • Entering new leads into the database
  • Following up on any incoming leads
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Emailing or calling about estimate reminders 

A fully-functional support team is with you every step of the way, ensuring that you never miss a call from a potential or existing customer, and you can really focus on the big-picture items.

You Don't Install a Single Piece of Flooring

The actual installation work is done by a crew of expert subcontractors that you manage. If you’ve never managed subcontractors or worked with flooring a day in your life, don’t worry: 

  • You will be trained on everything you need to know to hire, pay, oversee and maintain crews
  • We pay crews extremely well, which helps find better talent
  • We can guarantee crews will be busy with as much work as they want
  • Once the correct crews are in place, they become very loyal to you and are easy to manage

We Provide Strong Training

During training, you’ll learn what you need to start a successful business from day one, so you can run your franchise confidently and capably. The initial training is structured as follows: 

  • Two weeks learning about the services and process in the Colorado support center
  • Four to seven weeks of hands-on training at your business in your market. Here you’ll learn the ins and outs of operating a Footprints Floors franchise
  • 7 to 10 days back in Colorado for follow-up training and addressing any issues you ran into while launching your business 

We Provide Ongoing Support

Once you’re up and running, you’re never on your own. It’s our responsibility to help Franchise Owners maximize their revenues:

  • Regular support calls
  • Webinars
  • Training modules 
  • Communication and networking with other Owners
  • Finance management support

Our Team


Owner, Founder


Director of Operations


Director of Managed Services and Marketing


Director of Franchise Onboarding and Training


Director of Franchise Support


Franchise Development Manager, Owner – Carmel


Franchise Development Manager


Director of Franchise Marketing


Senior Brand Manager

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