Our Best Flooring Franchises Now Offer More Services

Our Best Flooring Franchises Now Offer More Services

Our many services help increase our revenue streams while keeping our Home-Improvement franchise model recession resistant.
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If you are looking for the best flooring franchises to invest in, why not consider one that offers more than the average flooring company? At Footprints Floors, we strive to serve our customers with top quality service. That is why we have expanded our service offering to include countertop and backsplash installation. From a Franchise Owner standpoint, this means the chance to upsell every single flooring project you receive. Our current Franchise Owners have expressed delight at the extra bump in sales they have received from the addition of these two new services. While we were already one of the best flooring franchises to begin with, there is no doubt now who is leading the flooring franchise industry.

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Our new services include granite and quartz countertop installation for bathrooms and kitchens. These two durable materials are extremely popular and we received various installation requests from customers who were renovating their homes. Our corporate team has worked hard to find experienced subcontractors who can expertly install and seal these materials. Customers who are looking to renovate their kitchens frequently request our backsplash services. Customers love that we can help them design their dream kitchen or bathroom with our flooring, countertop, and backsplash services.

Franchise Owner – Aaron Benedict

It started with an idea – to bring a higher level of customer service and sophistication to an industry where it was severely lacking. This idea has now manifested into one of the most progressive and exciting service franchises on the planet. Hear more from Franchise Owner, Aaron Benedict, by watching the video here.

More Profits, Limited Work

While our service offering has increased, the workload for our Franchise Owners has remained the same.

This means that as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, you’ll be receiving extra cash flow but you still don’t have to do any dirty work! Our contractors expertly handle all projects and your job is simply to oversee them and communicate with customers. At Footprints Floors, our simplified business plan allows for Franchisees to bring in profits without working too hard. As a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, your main job duties consist of: communicating with customers, confirming jobs, collecting payments, and overseeing your subcontractors. Most of our current Franchise Owners work from a home office and still have time to enjoy their families. Footprints Floors is proud to be able to offer success for business Owners without taking away from their personal lives. If you’re interested in the best flooring franchises, you’re in luck. Footprints Floors is searching for business savvy individuals to join our team!

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Invest In Yourself


In order to qualify to be considered for Franchise Ownership, Candidates must demonstrate liquid cash availability of $45,000 and a net worth of $75,000 or more. The total investment starts at $68,000.





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Starting a flooring business has never been as easy as when you invest in Footprints Floors. With over a decade of experience, we’ve managed to perfect our business plan and grow into a booming franchise. We currently have 25 locations and are looking to expand across the nation. By eliminating the need for inventory, a showroom, and office space, we have managed to keep our overhead costs extremely low. For a simple investment of $68,130 and $95,580, you could be a part of the best flooring franchises in the industry. If you would like to learn more about starting a flooring business with Footprints Floors, reach out to us today for more information.

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